3 Blue Chip Stocks To Buy With Reliable Dividends

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, companies that offer steady returns and reliable cash flows are looking more and more attractive to investors with each passing day. It can really pay off to add a few blue-chip stocks to your portfolio that you know you can count on. These are stocks that won’t necessarily generate outsized returns in the short-term, but what they can do is provide income and safety to your portfolio over the years if you stick with them.

A blue-chip stock is generally considered to be a large established company that is financially sound and generates consistent earnings. They typically pay dividends and are leaders in their respective industries. While no company is invincible, investors tend to view blue chip companies as lower-risk investments that are able to survive challenging economic periods thanks to their financial stability. That’s why they are an attractive option at this time. Here are 3 blue chip stocks to buy with reliable dividends: Read more…..


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Laurence D. Fink, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BlackRock, Inc., speaks with Economic Club president David M. Rubenstein on Wednesday April 12, 2017.

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