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    Well, this is never a pleasant article to write, but more pleasant than the dollar impact to my portfolio by going short on WTC last week. From close of trade prior to their annual report numbers being released, they are up 30ish%.
  • ICARUS EXCLUSIVE: Trade Play – ASX.WTC WiseTech Global Ltd give a pretty good overview of the firm. “WiseTech is a provider of software solutions to the logistics industry. It develops, sells and implements software solutions that enable logistics service providers to facilitate the movement and storage of goods and information.”
  • ICARUS EXCLUSIVE : Aussie Dollar Bullish Across the Board. Will USD Weakness Continue to Support Trend
    As USD monetary and fiscal policy continues to flood the US and global economies with freshly minted USD, the steadily weakening currency has continued to support its cross currencies, such as the Australian Dollar. As we’ve reported in recent weeks, the pervasive theme of Modern Monetary Theory has seen the…
  • ICARUS EXCLUSIVE: Trade Play – ASX.RVR – Red River Resources
    RVR (Red River Resources Ltd) are a minor metal player, based in the Australian State of Queensland (QLD). Zinc and Lead is their game with a bit of copper/gold/silver thrown in for some icing. Market Cap of $75m. Seen solid steady trend up recently with some good news supporting it. Writing about it here as Team Söze think we are on the cusp of a minerals super cycle. And if we are, then small caps are where your 10 baggers are going to be found.
  • ICARUS EXCLUSIVE: Trade Play – ASX.S32 – South32 Ltd
    Governments all over the world will be seeking to re-build the economic devastation that has occurred due to the lockdowns. How will they do that ? The same way they always have.
  • ICARUS EXCLUSIVE: Trade Play – ASX.LYC – Lynas Corp Ltd
    Lynas has been on my radar for a few months now, I’ve traded in and out a few times, all profitable so far. Moving forward this stock will sit in within my long-term plays. Why ? Lynas makes stuff, it makes money, and its moat (damn I hate that term, what are companies? Castles or money-making machines?) is wider than the Pacific Ocean.
  • ICARUS EXCLUSIVE. GBP/JPY sets up Long Trade. 7th July, 2020
    British Pound has shown relative strength against several of its peers, including the all important EUR/GBP (for which the Icarus Signals Reversals EA generated a short trade on the 30th June) and the GBP/JPY pair demonstrated a range of confluent factors encouraging a long trade.
  • ICARUS EXCLUSIVE: COVID-19 & The Feds Additional Central Bank Currency Swaps Agreement
    A basic definition is exactly as the name implies. A swap is an agreement between two parties to temporarily exchange a security/asset/instrument for a given period. There are two main types of Fed Swaps. 1) US Dollar Liquidity Lines 2) Foreign Currency Liquidity Lines. As Australians, item 1 is where are focusing as item 2 is for the benefit of US financial institutions in need of foreign currency. These swaps lines allow the RBA to convert AUD to the FED in exchange for USD for a given set of time. In turn, the RBA can provide local banks and financial institutions access to USD as required.
  • ICARUS EXCLUSIVE: NZ’s QE Machine Puts Pressure On Kiwi. AUD/NZD To Outperform
    NZ’s QE Machine Puts Pressure On Kiwi. AUD/NZD To Outperform The RBNZ has today reiterated its position on COVID-era stimulus, promising to “continue with the Large Scale Asset Purchase (LSAP) programme aimed at keeping interest rates low for the foreseeable future. The LSAP quantum remains set at $60 billion. The…
  • ICARUS EXCLUSIVE: Amid USD Uncertainty, EUR/GBP Setting For A Break Higher
    Amid USD uncertainty, EUR/GBP setting for a break higher USD weakness has filtered through markets over previous sessions, and with comments from US trade envoy, Peter Navarro causing extreme volatility with his “its over” statement, swiftly followed by White House rebuttal, we look at the relative strength of the Euro…