How Risky Are Cannabis Investors?

If 2017 was the year of crypto, 2019 belongs to cannabis— sky high valuations and extreme volatility will do that to an industry, and cannabis has that by the bushel. In most major cities in North America, you can’t walk two blocks without hitting the sour smell of high-powered marijuana saturating the air around you. Much like its public recreational use, discussions of investing in cannabis stocks have also moved from risque back rooms to front and center with retail investors and financial media. 

But for all the talk about investing in marijuana-related industries, just how much are retail investors willing to risk in the sector? There have been some anecdotal studies suggesting 2017’s crypto day traders have simply moved onto cannabis as their new playground. Our findings, however, are very different.

In the fall of 2018, we analyzed our readership across investing and trading in cannabis, and discovered that the most voracious consumers of cannabis stock articles were actually experienced traders who closely followed our technical analysis coverage of pot stocks. They were following price movement and trading patterns, looking for opportunities to trade in and out of these stocks to make fast money. Read more…..


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