GOP Memo On Big Tech Shows Lawmakers Ready To ‘Burn Down The Internet,’ Legal Expert Warns

new proposal by Republican lawmakers to overhaul a critical law that protects online platforms already looks dead in the water, according to one legal expert, though another prominent legal scholar believes it could fuel bipartisan reform for tech regulation.

The proposal, laid out by Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday, is meant to serve as a foundation to reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a law that provides liability protection for websites that host and moderate third-party content — including tech giants like Facebook (FB), Google (GOOGGOOGL), and Twitter (TWTR).

One legal expert says it creates more problems than it solves, though.

“To me it’s a chilling memo, because it shows that both the Democrats and Republicans are ready to burn down the internet, and they can find plenty of reason to agree on that,” Santa Clara University School of Law professor and associate dean for research, Eric Goldman, told Yahoo Finance. Read more…..


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