Gold And Silver Surge As Yields Drop And Geopolitical Tensions Rise

Today both gold and silver had substantial gains as yields dropped for U.S. 10-year Treasury notes to 1.56%, and geopolitical tensions rose between the United States and China as well as Russia.

As of 4:40 PM EST gold futures basis the most active June 2021 Comex contract is currently trading up $28.10 (+1.62%) and is fixed at $1764.40. Silver basis the most active May 2021 Comex contract, is currently trading up $0.40 (+1.57%) and fixed at $25.925.

The economy in the United States is exhibiting solid economic recovery which has raised genuine concerns that inflation will continue to rise. However, the largest force moving both gold and silver higher is yields dropping in 10-year notes, which fell today to yield 1.56%. Read more…..


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Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic advisor at Allianz, says the stock market is in a “win-win” mindset as the Federal Reserve provides continued stimulus. He warns of distorted “zombie markets” and explains how some sectors will benefit while others will miss out during the economic recovery.

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