5 Ways the Post-Pandemic Office will Look Very Different

Vaccines are being distributed and offices are beginning to open. So can we go back to our cubicles yet? 

Not so fast. 

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers toiling remotely during the pandemic would like to keep doing so, according to a Gallup poll. And for those who do return to the office, even if infrequently in months to come, the notion of “return” needs to be rethought. 

There’s no going back to what was. The last nine months have forced a drastic reset of work, home and all points in between. The upheaval in commercial real estate allows companies to be pickier about their needs, from open windows to lower employee-to-bathroom ratios. An uncertain pandemic economy means expansion for some sectors and downsizing for others. And studies show that more than one-fifth of adults moved due to COVID or know someone who did; how this affects their desire or ability to commute remains another unknown. Read more…..


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