NIH Director Begs Americans To Swallow Vaccine Skepticism As Bill Gates Eyes Unofficial Role

The director of the National Institutes of Health begged Americans to “hit the reset button” on their concerns over whether the COVID-19 vaccine, which was developed faster than any vaccine in the history of Western medicine, will be safe.

“I would like to plead to people who are listening to this this morning to really hit the reset button on whatever they think they knew about this vaccine that might cause them to be so skeptical,” Dr. Francis Collins told NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

Collins also said that it’s unknown whether someone who’s had the vaccine could still acquire the virus and silently spread to others around them – saying that “it will take us a couple of months to figure that out,” and that people still need to mask up and social distance. Read more…..


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NIH Director Francis Collins (501(c)3 “Christian”) – Begs Americans “To Swallow Vaccine Skepticism”

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