Free College is a ‘Socialist Takeover of Higher Education’ and Student Debt Cancellation is ‘Wrong,’ Betsy DeVos says

With about six weeks left in her tenure, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made her feelings clear on proposals floated by the incoming Biden administration to address college affordability and student debt. 

Speaking at a virtual conference hosted by Federal Student Aid, the unit of the Department of Education that manages the federal student loan program, DeVos criticized politicians who “advance the truly insidious notion of government gift giving.” 

“We’ve heard shrill calls to ‘cancel,’ to ‘forgive,’ to ‘make it all free,’” DeVos said, according to prepared remarks. “Any innocuous label out there can’t obfuscate what it really is: wrong.” Read more…..


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Yahoo Finance’s Aarthi Swaminathan and Jason DiLorenzo, PSLFJobs Founder discusses student debt forgiveness and how it may change under Biden’s administration.

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