A Three-Pronged Approach To Business Sustainability In Today’s Global Economy

Speaker and author Robert H. Schuller has said, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Eleven months into Covid-19, our world stands dynamically altered with our very survival on the edge. The foe may be unseen, but humanity’s tenacity to endure, to sustain, to survive has started a revolution. Today, even as the world struggles with managing the spread of the novel coronavirus while restoring healthy economic activity and nations crumble under the burden of this unseen force of nature, we will not give up.

We are witnessing inclusiveness like never seen before; the whole world, each stakeholder, is joining forces and forging alliances to make the most of the situation and simply not yield, not dwindle and not relinquish. Although the paths leading to the pandemic and reviving the economy are rife with uncertainty, we are confronting this uncertainty with utmost certainty. Read more…..


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