Hydroxychloroquine works in high-risk patients, and saying otherwise is dangerous

A few weeks ago, we reported on the perplexing fact that a Professor of Epidemiology at the Yale Public School of Health was being either (1) ignored and/or (2) lambasted for doing his job in the interests of humanity.

Professor Harvey Risch has spent his entire life dedicated to health sciences, and as a world leading expert in the field of epidemiology, one would imagine that he is well placed to comment on how to best address the COVID pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, Prof. Risch was forced to defend himself and his research from a range of rebuttals, which in a civilised democracy is welcomed. However, one wonders why any reasonable person would question the rigorous and highly methodical research of a world-leading expert, who has offered a proven treatment to a virus which is evidently killing many thousands more than necessary.

Ironically, or perhaps not, a cohort of his fellow Yale Professors banded together to rebut Prof. Risch’s position, although for now, it seems that the level headedness of the University’s Chancellor has encouraged the ongoing dialogue, in the interests of , shock horror, free speech and academic rigour!

We encourage readers to read the rebuttal from Prof. Risch’s colleagues, here.

Most importantly, Prof. Risch’s further comment in response to the rebuttal by his colleagues can be read here, courtesy of the Washington Examiner.


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