Five Charts Illustrating U.S. Economic Trends Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

States are taking differing approaches to reopening and closing during the pandemic, and the economy has been feeling the impact. More than half of states have instituted statewide mask mandates to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some have imposed curfews and group size limits for bars and restaurants. The economic worry tied to rising coronavirus cases has impacted the health of certain areas of the economy.

These five charts illustrate trends in important industries that help track reopening progress in the U.S.

Still hovering around 40% above Jan. 13 pre-pandemic data, requests for walking and driving directions from Apple’s navigation tool, Maps, shows little change from last week. Requests for both are also still well above pre-pandemic levels, as they have been for most of the pandemic and not far from pandemic highs seen during the summer. Transit direction requests have continued to sit at about 50% lower than on Jan. 13, as they have for most of the summer. Read more…

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