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3 Stocks To Watch And … The Week That Was

The market continues its up and down ride, just have a look at what Dale Gillham says about it below, however there were a few small cap stocks that delivered decent news this week and saw the benefits.

Here’s a few we’ve had our eye on.

Bod Australia (ASX:BDA)

Medicinal cannabis, CBD and hemp healthcare products company, Bod Australia Limited (ASX: BDA) this week announced it has received its first purchase order for CBD products for the US market.

The US market for CBD consumer products is expected to grow to US$6.9 billion by 2025.

The binding $312,000 purchase order has been made by multi-billion dollar Hong Kong listed H&H Group. Read more…..

Chart of the Day

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When the banks began to fail in 2008, executives turned to Warren Buffett in a plea for last-minute funding. He later called the events that followed an “economic Pearl Harbor.”

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