More People Are Buying Art Online, But Is That Making The Fine Art Market More Accessible?

With a lot more people working from home — and attending Zoom meetings — there’s an appetite for fine art. According to The Art Market Report from Art Basel and UBS, while overall global sales in 2020 were down, online art sales worldwide doubled, and millennials were the fastest-growing demographic of buyers. But did this shift online make the fine art more accessible to underrepresented communities? “Marketplace” host Kimberly Adams spoke with Everette Taylor, the chief marketing officer at Artsy, one of the largest online art marketplaces, about how the art-collecting world is shifting. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Kimberly Adams: With the caveat that so many people lost jobs and income in the pandemic, for those who did have disposable income, a lot of people still wanted to buy art. What did you see at Artsy? Read more…..


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