Honesty, Transparency And Data Collection: Improving Customer Trust And Loyalty

Data is the lifeblood of our economy. If you’re not paying for a product, then you are the product. Companies like Google and Facebook have built empires from data, but due to countless breaches, threats, and a shifting sentiment there’s finally some push back on what used to seem like an unregulated aspect of business.

While there are some disagreements about who is responsible for data privacy—the government, the consumer, the companies that serve them—most people would agree that organizations that make privacy a priority get a leg up on consumer trust and loyalty. In fact, this past year has gone a long way in pushing privacy to the forefront of digital transformation. As technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and the edge continue to expand, more data is produced at a rapid pace. The companies that have a plan to handle this data and are transparent about it can create business value in privacy investment. Read more…..


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