Social Mobility: Why The Data Shows It Works

People analytics is teaching us that making assumptions about performance at work on grand achievements in education are unreliable. Being able to translate Shakespeare into ancient Greek may make you an amazing scholar, but it’s not an accurate guide to how you might perform in business.

Competitive advantage for business is a lot to do with talent and attracting the most suitable skills to meet specific business goals on board. And getting them to hang around. For many, the assumption is that this means Oxbridge, St Andrews, Durham, Eton, Harrow, Westminster School and so on… institutions recognised all over the world.

Reputation, status, cachet – these are important words in the business world, as in politics and academia. “She got a first at Cambridge.” Who could fail to be impressed? Read more…..


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What does it take for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed? Historian Selina Todd and assistant head teacher Jonathon Spears discuss social mobility ahead of the first episode of Generation Gifted, a six-part landmark series on BBC Two.

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