5 Robinhood Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

Investors looking for stocks to buy and hold love companies with robust growth and stellar profits. But to call them “forever stocks,” they need more than this. It’s one thing to buy stock in a company with a three- to five-year positive outlook. But holding for a lifetime (a good holding period, by the way) requires a crucial element: staying power. 

According to JMP Securities’ estimates, 10 million people opened brokerage accounts in 2020. And we know that Robinhood alone signed up 3 million new accounts in just the first four months of the year, meaning this upstart brokerage likely grabbed an unfathomable amount of market share for the full year. It also means the financial firm likely has more than its share of novice investors and they have earned a reputation for buying what have come to be called Robinhood stocks.

What are Robinhood stocks? They’re the companies these stock market novices are gravitating toward. The company lists the 100 most popularly held stocks on its platform, and there are definitely some names on the list that illustrate well why these users are considered novice investors. But Robinhood investors don’t get enough credit for making some great picks too, and some of their favorite stocks have superb staying power.

Tipping my hat to these great ideas from these investing newbies, here are five Robinhood stocks that you can buy and hold forever.  Read more…..


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