Wisdom To Nurture Ambition, Data To Enable The Future – 2021 China Financial Market Forecast

2020 was indeed a difficult year. The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted everyone around the world. Thanks to effective prevention and control measures, China continues a strong recovery in the fight against the pandemic and has accumulated useful experience for the global fight against it. China was also the only major economy with positive GDP growth worldwide in 2020.

Alongside the global rollout of the vaccine,  China’s rapid economic restart will continue in tandem with global efforts to fight against the pandemic.

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To support our economy, China’s central bank has been very disciplined in directing funds precisely to industries and SMEs severely affected by the pandemic as the situation improved, stabilizing employment and resuming production to ensure the stability of society, the recovery of production, and stable price levels. Read more…..


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The Bank of England says the UK economy is in for another tough few months but it believes that the impact of coronavirus restrictions will not be as bad as last year’s lockdown and the rollout of vaccines will help the economy bounce back.

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