The Benefit of Hypergrowth Investing

It’s a bit like John Lennon’s quote, “life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” Except in this case, it’s “stock market wealth is what builds while you are busy finding reasons to be worried.”

Today, there are many reasons to stand on the sidelines — and they’re entirely valid.

In fact, if an investor looked at this market and said “given valuations, the pandemic, and unemployment, I don’t want a piece of this” it would be hard to fault him for such a perspective. Read more….


Chart of the Day

Icarus TV

In this video we explore why one of the largest and most successful investors is holding on to over 120 billion dollars in cash instead of investing it. By exploring the words of Charlie Munger, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet we dive into the possibility of a future stock market crash caused by overdone federal reserve money printing.

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