Puerto Rican Businesses Hang On In An Economy Shaped By Disaster

It’s winter in Puerto Rico — warm and sunny. And here on the west coast in Isabela, just a couple hours from San Juan, the capital, winter is surfing season. Instructor Joel Torres is going over the basics with three beginners on the sand of Jobos Beach.

“Paddle, paddle, paddle. Hard, hard, hard! Gotta paddle hard!,” he shouts. “All right. Chicken wing, arch, up!”

Everyone pops up to their feet, a little wobbly on the first try. They practice that move over and over until the only thing left is to do it for real. So they wax their boards, put on their leg straps and head across the sand into the crystal blue waves. Read more…..


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The governor of Puerto Rico issued an executive order on Sunday declaring a state of emergency following a wave of violence against women and transgender people. Syra Ortiz-Blanes, a reporter for the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, joined CBSN with more on the situation.

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