Pandemic Effects Expected to Linger for US Travel Industry

The travel industry has been one of the hardest-hit groups as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Investors have been jumping in and out of travel-related stocks as the prospects improve or plummet based on infection growth or vaccination rates. We’ll take a deeper look at where the travel industry is and how long it may take before stocks tied to this sector claw back to their 2019 levels.

As investors, we generally have a good view of a company’s earnings and balance sheet while sometimes only having a shallow knowledge of the overall industry dynamics. This is why it is useful to follow the publications and research of industry trade groups. For the travel industry, the U.S. Travel Association represents companies in the travel sector, spanning transportation, lodging, retail, recreation, entertainment, and food service.

The association reports on the state of the industry and makes forecasts combining data from government sources with its own model. The association also provides a weekly travel data report that contains analysis. For investors looking to jump into a post-pandemic travel industry rebound, both the forecasting and the commentary are essential reading. Read more…..


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Tourism is the world’s third largest industry. But that was before the COVID-19 pandemic brought it to a screeching halt. Border shutdowns and restrictions have shown just how many jobs are dependent on foreign visitors. It’s not just airlines and tourism companies but also hotels, cafes, and businesses all depenfdent on bustling travel seasons.

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