Op-Ed: Telehealth Is Not Just Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has advanced the use of telehealth throughout the country, but the need to reach more patients, improve quality and efficiency, and cope with growing clinician shortages should continue to drive the expansion of telehealth even after the pandemic is over.

Hundreds of new companies are now providing telehealth services, while dozens of bills have been introduced in Congress to remove barriers, expand Medicare and Medicaid coverage, enhance and stabilize reimbursements, boost use for substance abuse and other psychiatric treatment, and generally authorize wider utilization. At the state level, there are more than 200 bills pending in legislatures. Read more…..


Chart of the Day

Icarus TV

The makers of a new coronavirus test say that with a swab you can find out if any surface is contaminated with coronavirus. NBC News investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen and her team tried it on surfaces across the country, and the results were revealing.

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