The Midas Touch: How Gold and other Precious Metals Affect Today’s Global Economy

This time a year ago, the whole world woke up to a new global order and necessity that meant everyone had to stay indoors as the most viable means of staying safe. It wasn’t like any other thing the world had seen, at least not this generation. A few weeks down the line, it became recognized as a global pandemic – the COVID 19 pandemic.

The effects of the pandemic have led to what we are now referring to as ‘Today’s Global Economy’. This economy is colored by uncertainty, risks, falling prices in so many sectors, foreign exchange fluctuations, increase and decrease in the inflation rate.

Everything and everyone is affected. Prices of commodities have gone up, people were seen panic-buying and are now forced to prioritize their spending. Spending on items that don’t qualify as essentials is largely avoided while cash has become a precious commodity. Read more…..


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