Growth Stocks’ “Line In The Sand” Defended Again, Bitcoin Battered

Big-Tech stocks rallied today as Small Caps lagged and the S&P and Dow trod water as yesterday’s exuberance faded with an ugly close…

But sentiment, complacency, and ignorance continued to drive to ever higher highs…Over 86% of Nasdaq composite stocks are trading above their 200-day moving average – that is the highest number since February 2004.

Notice that historically spikes like this have commonly been faced with near-term corrections.

Additionally, as The Bear Traps Report notes, the Battle Royale between re-opening and further lockdowns continues.

It is all about Reflation vs. Deflation risk, Commodities – Value vs. Nasdaq, the trade of the year. Lockdowns will concentrate profits in the hands of the few (FAANGM), re-opening will steepen the curve, position capital in value, and commodities, when 1.69 breaks in the ratio, it will be a large event… Read more…..


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