Carbon Capture Is Vital To Meeting Climate Goals, Scientists Tell Green Critics

Engineers and geologists have strongly criticised green groups who last week claimed that carbon capture and storage schemes – for reducing fossil fuel emissions – are costly mistakes.

The scientists insisted that such schemes are vital weapons in the battle against global heating and warn that failure to set up ways to trap carbon dioxide and store it underground would make it almost impossible to hold net emissions to below zero by 2050.

Carbon capture and storage is going to be the only effective way we have in the short term to prevent our steel industry, cement manufacture and many other processes from continuing to pour emissions into the atmosphere,” said Professor Stuart Haszeldine, of Edinburgh University. Read more…..


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Global carbon emissions dropped by seven per cent this year, the biggest drop on record, new preliminary figures show. Scientists say this drop is chiefly because people are staying home and that emissions are expected to jump back up after the pandemic ends.

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