Smart-City Living Marks Another Milestone For Thailand 4.0

As Thailand marches towards its goal of sustainable development under the Thailand 4.0 model, the smart-city concept is front and centre in the country’s action plan.

By leveraging cutting-edge ICT technology and new generation platforms – including cloud-base products which enable on-demand computing mobile, AI, and big data analytics — Thailand’s smart-city plan centres on providing innovative services to citizens, businesses and tourists in the form of social, business and environmental solutions.

Through sensor-based devices, and their ubiquitous connectivity enabled by novel ICT infrastructure such as 5G ultra-high speed internet, cities around the world are adopting the smart-city  concept to address many of the challenges arising from urban expansion, such as traffic congestion, waste management, air pollution, and security, while also meeting business objectives and improving people’s quality of life. Read more…..


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