Demystify 2021 with Crypto Trend Predictions from the Cointelegraph Crew

Another year has come and gone. The rollercoaster that was 2020 requires little (if any) preamble. It must be said, however, that the blockchain segment experienced something of a return to form during these otherwise painful latter days. Indeed, we closed the year with prices on the up, legal ambiguities increasingly dehazed, and the adoption of distributed technology at a historic apex. With these expository factors lighting our way, let us take a moment to gaze into the future, as speculatively foreseen by the staff at Cointelegraph.

We asked our teammates where they saw our industry heading in 2021. The following represents a narrative amalgamation of their responses. Read more…..


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The world of investing/finance is divided into two camps. In one, you have the number-crunchers, who believe that the only things that matter are the numbers and that imagination/creativity are dangerous distractions. In the other, you have the storytellers, who build on the stories they tell about companies and how these stories will bring untold wealth.

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