These Asian Countries have Masterfully Limited COVID Outbreaks. Here’s How They Did It.

Many of the Asian countries with the most admirable COVID-19 responses share borders with and receive frequent travelers from China, the original epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

A combination of early travel restrictions, mass testing, contact tracing, and strict quarantine measures helped Taiwan, Mongolia, and Vietnam avoid mass outbreaks and keep coronavirus deaths low.

The recent surge in COVID-19 case numbers in Thailand, another model country in coronavirus outbreak management, shows how even countries with a handle on the spread of the virus can be set back.

In mid-December, Thailand had recorded more than 4,000 total cases and 60 deaths since February, and daily new cases were low. On Dec. 19, Thailand reported 19 new cases; on Dec. 20, the figure shot up to 576, more than three times as high as the country’s previous daily record for highest new case tally. Read more…..


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