Long Term Gold/US Dollar Cycles Show Big Trends for Metals – part I

Over the past few months, my research team and I have published a number of articles suggesting a broader market depreciation cycle has set up in the US/global markets that may propel precious metals much higher over the next 5+ years.  If you have missed these, then check out Gold And Silver Follow Up & Future Predictions For 2020 & 2021 – Part I and Part II, as well as my recent Kitco News interview with David Lin.

Today, we are going to explore the possibility of a continued US Dollar decline, targeting levels just above 80. Gold has continued to contract just above a key Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arc, which may further prompt a big rally in precious metals in the coming months.  Let’s take a look at some charts…

US Dollar Index vs. Gold Comparison Chart

The Monthly US Dollar Index vs. Gold Weekly chart, below, presents the US Dollar Index (in LIGHT BLUE) and Gold (in GOLD) and shows a key Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arc anchored at the 2011 bottom in the US Dollar Index.  This is a key date because it was also near the peak in the Gold price rally after the 2008-09 Credit Crisis event. Read more…..


Chart of the Day

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