Covid, Lockdowns, & Long-Term Care: State Comparisons

After almost a year, we know that Covid-19 predominantly strikes the infirm and elderly. Nursing homes have been hit especially hard by it: nearly 106,000 Covid-19 deaths occurred in nursing homes thus far. 

In May, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) requested nursing homes start reporting Covid-19 deaths. ANew York Times analysis found that nursing homes constitute only 5% of Covid-19 cases, yet make up 38% of deaths, underscoring the prevalence of it in nursing homes across the country.

Unsurprisingly, viruses, from the common flu to Covid-19, quickly spread in communal settings such as long-term care (LTC) facilities housing the elderly (or those with underlying conditions). Nursing home staff may introduce viruses into facilities or carry them from patient to patient, while residents may become infected through visitors or while receiving routine medical treatments in hospitals or clinics. Read more…..


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