$36bn Australian Renewables Hub to Produce Hydrogen for Export

SYDNEY — A $36 billion project to mass-produce hydrogen from renewable power sources is underway in Australia, fueling Canberra’s hopes of turning clean energy exports into a major revenue generator as countries begin to shun coal.

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub plans to build wind turbines and photovoltaic systems generating 26,000 megawatts on 6,500 sq. km leased in the state of Western Australia. The space for the project is six times the size of Hong Kong.

The venture looks to churn out 1.75 million tons of hydrogen a year, enough fuel for thermal power plants equivalent to six nuclear reactors. Construction is slated to begin in 2026 after a geological survey and fundraising. Hydrogen will be converted into ammonia for transport to domestic and international markets. Read more…..


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29% of Australian homes w/rooftop solar; Australia govt approves massive 26 GW renewables project involving H2 ; Abu Dhabi also talking H2; solar panel giant Jinko moves into storage game; SK Innovations advances fast-charge battery to extend EV range; LG Chem to triple cylindrical cell prod’n & increase form factor 5x; Tesla w/2 mn mile battery; NextEra sees solid state w/in three years & 50 H2 projects pipeline.

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