Will Australia Use Iron Ore as a Lever to Fix Trade with China?

While our biggest trading partner freezes us out of discussions and encourages official and unofficial sledging of our country while imposing heavy tariffs or slowdowns on a range of products from barley and wine to coal and crayfish, our reaction has been one of stunned surprise.

As the attacks have grown in volume and ferocity, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has even made the mistake of publicly expressing outrage and calling for an apology for attacks on our troops through a mocked-up photograph.

That went absolutely nowhere good – just like his earlier call for an investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic which drew a savage and enduring Chinese response.

Instead of the post coming down and an apology arriving, the attacks from China only grew more savage and the post received much more airplay than if it had been ignored. Read more…..


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The bust that followed our mining boom will be on more than a few minds as the spat between Beijing and Canberra plays out. But dig a little deeper and it seems there’s little to worry about.

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