Cybersecurity In An Age Of Financial Threats: A Q&A With Proofpoint’s CFO

Cyberthreats are constantly evolving and posing new – and dangerous – challenges to every company and industry, with corporate finance departments especially at risk. For that reason, the CFO of a company that creates and sells cybersecurity software must be one step ahead of the fraudsters.

This month, I have spoken with three different software company CFOs to glean insights about this industry and how innovative products can help finance professionals better navigate a risky, uncertain world. In my first two Q&As I focused on supply chain management. For the final Q&A of this month’s series, I spoke with Paul Auvil, CFO of the cybersecurity software firm Proofpoint, a Russell 1000 company providing solutions to many of the world’s largest corporations. We spoke about the most recent developments in this field and how his company and industry have been impacted by Covid-19. I also asked Paul about how his background in engineering has allowed him to take a more hands-on, technical approach to his company’s work, a theme which is relevant to more CFOs as they become more involved in business operations. Read more…..


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