Are Cryptocurrencies for Business Owners Worth a Look?

The finance world took special notice recently when PayPal Holdings said it is allowing customers to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies within their regular PayPal accounts. Just as interesting, PayPal said that in 2021 its customers will be able to use their cryptocurrency holdings to pay at 26 million merchants worldwide.

When currencies with names like bitcoin and litecoin – which were created without government involvement – are being recognized and traded by a major commerce platform like PayPal, business owners who have relied on dollars, euros, and yen have to wonder if the cryptocurrencies are now worth their time and attention.

Would there be a benefit, for instance, in regularly accepting cryptocurrencies as payments for a company’s products? Or, from an individual investor’s point of view, would it be savvy to start investing in one of the currencies because of the potential for a currency to rise in value with greater usage? What role will these forms of digital money play in the future? Read more…..


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