China-Australia Relations: Ex-Foreign Minister Says Canberra Must Drop Adversarial Approach To Fix ‘Frozen’ Relationship

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told Australia’s business sector that the country should “never apologise” for being itself, after he was asked what can businesses do to manage their trade with China amid bilateral tensions between the two countries.

Speaking at the online annual meeting of the Business Council of Australia, Australia’s most powerful business lobby group, Morrison said Australia would not compromise “what we stand for” and the right to speak out.

“If Australia just being itself is the cause for tensions, then that’s not something that we can change and so we need to be able to push through that and continue to hold to those perspectives in a polite and respectful way,” he said on Thursday in response to the question from Australian-listed grain handler GrainCorp, which is an exporter to China. Read more…..


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