Best of BS Opinion: Integral World of Finance, Bengal’s Cycle of Violence

A strong market; a weak economy — the disconnect between the real economy and the equity markets persists. Optimism around the Biden administration and expectations of a faster-than-expected economic recovery could be some of the reasons for the current exuberance but, as the top edit warns here, a market that is unsupported by fundamentals could leave investors vulnerable to increasing volatility and deep corrections if there is further bad news on any front.

In other opinion, writers tackle the eternal controversy over participatory notes, Biden’s “Trumpism” challenge and escalating political violence in West Bengal. Kanika Datta sums up the views. Read more…..


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If you can’t defeat death, what if you could postpone it, or at least postpone the diseases commonly associated with getting old? Many people, especially the ultra-wealthy in Silicon Valley, are investing money into companies trying to answer exactly those questions.

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