Green Economy Risk Reporting: A Catalyst For Change

The prime minister’s ten-point plan for a green recovery builds on last week’s announcement by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak of the UK’s intention to make climate disclosures mandatory for large companies and financial institutions by 2025. It is undoubtedly a positive step in the right direction and highlights how finance can impact the world far beyond the economy, but it will be critical to measure for success.

Many businesses showed during the pandemic that they could pivot to a new normal. Let us not underestimate that they could surely start making some positive changes now in response to the global shift to a greener economy and the Government’s desire to accelerate change. Read more…..


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Join Robert Helms and Russell Gray, hosts of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show as they talk with  @Peter Schiff an economist, financial broker, and author who was recently on the @PowerfulJRE  for the third time. Peter points out how COVID-19 was the pin that popped the bubble to cause the 2020 Financial crisis. He compares this financial crash to the 2008 housing crash and debunks the argument that this is just like World War II.

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