Denying Defeat, Trump Offers Fodder For World’s Strongmen

The United States has long championed democracy around the world, pushing persistently, if not always consistently, for leaders to give up power when they lose.

President Donald Trump is now establishing a new American model — refusing to concede, making unsubstantiated claims of fraud and seeking the intervention of courts and political allies in hopes of reversing his defeat to Joe Biden.

Political figures and experts interviewed in several countries fear that Trump’s blueprint will be eagerly embraced in fragile democracies, especially in Africa, letting strongmen point to the world’s most powerful nation in justifying their attempts to cling to office. Read more…..


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Icarus TV

It was a shame that the full video wasn’t in Youtube in one piece. It might be for a good reason for it, but still, for as long as it may, here it is. The two guys that changed the world (separately), together: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in D5 (2007).

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