Biden, Bitcoin, & The Right-To-Privacy Coins

As the coup against We The People progresses through the predicable stages of color revolution, it’s time to assess what the markets truly think about all of this.

Where oh where is capital flowing to and why?

Because if you answer that question you’ll get an idea of where things are truly headed.

And the big news of this week isn’t the 1500 point gap up on Monday’s open on the Dow Jones Industrials because Pfizer was given free air time to feed the algorithms. Read more…..


Chart of the Day

Icarus TV

Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of investment management firm Bridgewater Associates, says that very large deficits are on the way no matter who is elected in the 2020 presidential election and says he’s very concerned about U.S.-China tensions. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker on “Bloomberg Markets: The Close.”

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