Will Trade Wars Persist After the US Election?

If re-elected, President Donald Trump would likely double down on China and seek additional concessions through “Phase 2” of their long-awaited, comprehensive trade agreement. While “Phase 1” was signed, the coronavirus pandemic complicated what was an already-fragile situation. Domestic demand was hammered and as a result, China was unable to hold up its end of the bargain.

There are an additional +30 key dates worthy of accounting, but the most recent developments at the time of writing are listed in this article.

Furthermore, reconciliation is made even more difficult based on different accounting methods both the US and China employ. Not entirely by coincidence, each sides’ approach favor their respective positions. Mr. Trump’s pivot towards greater leniency in the trade war in late 2020 may have been the result of a practical maneuver to avoid stirring economic and financial turbulence ahead of the election. Read more…..


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