PlayStation 5 is an Innovative Machine, Bursting with Potential

With a big increase in power, innovative new ways to interact with games and a clear roadmap for big titles that plan to make good use of it all, the PlayStation 5 is an extremely promising successor to one of the most popular consoles of all time.

Yet while all of Sony’s new tricks make for a fresh-feeling device that’s a lot more exciting to explore than a machine that’s merely more powerful, they also introduce a level of uncertainty. Without a bulk of brand new games at launch, it’s hard to tell which new features will become truly game-changing and which will be gimmicks that go mostly ignored.

The $749 PS5, set to release on November 12, is an imposing machine; easily the biggest games console I’ve ever had to find a place for in my loungeroom. In its vertical orientation it’s around 40cm tall and 26cm deep, with curved white plastic panels on either side sandwiching a black glossy middle. The included stand attaches with a simple screw, or if you’re laying the console horizontally it cleverly converts to a different shape and clips on the underside to keep things stable despite the curve. Read more…..


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