China’s Hotel of Communist Party Secrets Braces for Next Big Event

The Jingxi Hotel, located about 8 km west of Tiananmen, is guarded by soldiers in camouflage fatigues and surrounded by high walls with barbed wire. It may be the most heavily guarded hotel in China.

When I drove past on Wednesday afternoon, there were more police officers than usual, in addition to the soldiers. They must have been guarding someone important. I could not see much, but I did make out gigantic signs hanging at the front entrance. “Long Live the Chinese Communist Party” and “Long Live the People’s Republic of China,” they read.

The Communist Party will hold the fifth plenary session of its 19th Central Committee at the hotel, starting Monday. It is the party’s most important annual meeting, bringing together nearly 200 members of the committee, headed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Once the session begins, tight security will be in place and only authorized people will be allowed to enter the area. Read more…..


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