Joe Biden’s Son, Hunter, Outed as Foreign Agent and Certified Crackhead?

Drug use can destroy families. It is an all-too-well known fact, which has sadly touched the lives of millions of families around the world.

It is not unreasonable to assume that members of the global elite are also occasionally afflicted with the same social pitfalls that their fellow citizens experience, and none other than the Vice Presidential Candidate and 47 year US government veteran is now implicated in another sad story.

Although, this story has a truly disturbing side-dish of corruption, violence, alleged abuse and extreme drug use.

Many readers will not have heard of Hunter Biden, the son of VP candidate Joe Biden.

Although Joe Biden and his geriatric antics make headlines almost daily, the left leaning media giants have seemingly run from the world’s biggest story at a rate of knots!

We wonder how long they can hold off reporting what is clearly one of the most egregious examples (if true) of corruption and associated blackmail the US have ever seen.

It has been well reported that Hunter has had previous challenges with drug abuse. There is nothing spectacular in that story. It’s all too common, particularly with the children of vaunted global elite, oddly.

A bomb has been dropped on the Biden camp’s election efforts, and it is a barrage of extremely damaging pieces of information that seem to point to a gargantuan level of pay-for-play, bribery, abuse, drug use and high-level political chicanery, like the US has never seen.

The New York Post published a series of explosive allegations about Hunter Biden’s allegedly corrupt activities, which had been obtained after Biden apparently (while high on drugs) left a computer at a repair shop.

The contents are absolutely incredible, and diabolically damaging to the Bidens, and those around them.

The claims include the fact that Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to emails obtained by The Post.

Further, Hunter Biden was receiving a $10 million annual fee from a Chinese billionaire who has been accused of corruption and with whom he sought to increase the cash flow with a joint business ownership, an August 2017 email from Mr. Biden shows.

The money was for “introductions alone,” said Mr. Biden, son of Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden. Another email to Hunter Biden from a consultant says that a 10% stake in an unnamed company will go to “the big guy?” The “big guy” was not identified.

Aside from the original source articles, which we have linked here, it now seems that there is a treasure trove of highly volatile information about to be released by multiple news outlets.

Interestingly, although unsurprisingly, none other that Steve Bannon has admitted that he’s the architect of a coordinated roll-out of the Hunter Biden laptop contents, and that there’s much, much more to come.

Steve Bannon has since clarified to Revolver News that he was brought into the project based on familiarity with corruption in corporate America, on Wall Street, and within the Chinese Communist Party and America’s political class. Mr. Bannon revealed that he “worked up and executed the roll out plan” of the information contained in the Hunter hard drives.

Given his close knowledge and familiarity with an issue of such explosive importance to the election, Revolver asked Mr. Bannon a few questions pertaining to the contents of Hunter’s hard drive and the political implications of their release. Zerohedge has published a very insightful overview of what is to come, here.

The extreme speed by which social media outlets blanket-bombed their search results and visibility algorithms to ensure the original NY Post story didn’t garner ANY attention, has seemingly failed under the weight of the seriousness of the circumstances.

Another theory can be found here, courtesy of Andrea Widburg of the American Thinker, who writes;

The moment the New York Post reported on some of the sleazy, corrupt details contained on Hunter Biden’s hard drive, Twitter and Facebook, the social media giants most closely connected to the way Americans exchange political information, went into overdrive to suppress the information and protect Joe Biden. In the case of Facebook, though, perhaps one of those protectors was, in fact, protecting herself.

The person currently in charge of Facebook’s election integrity program is Anna Makanju. That name probably doesn’t mean a lot to you, but it should mean a lot – and in a comforting way — to Joe Biden.

President Trump was always quick to refer to the ‘Swamp Creatures’ of Washington, and the associated ‘elite’.

He was roundly, and rightfully, lambasted for seemingly cow-towing to the very same creatures he promised to rid.

It looks like the depth of the swamp was truly deeper and more fetid that any had imagined, and the slipperiest of creatures were indeed those at the very top!

Ex New York Mayor, Rudy Guiliani has been at the forefront of the explosive story. We encourage readers to watch the embedded video below, which outlines in terrifyingly clear detail, the level to which the Biden family was beholden to foreign interests.


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