Victoria’s Death Toll Likely Inflated as Lockdowns Again are Outlined as Ineffective

Readers will be well versed in the state of affairs that the Australian state of Victoria finds itself in.

Yesterday, 10 cases were identified. 10 (TEN). The citizens of Victoria remain locked in their homes 22 hours a day, and businesses are forced closed. The economic carnage is like nothing a major western democracy has ever seen.

With legal challenges mounting, and the State’s Premier coming under increasing pressure to justify the determination of ‘proportionate’ response to the supposed threat (as required under the relevant Australian Health legislation), serious doubts have now been raised regarding the accuracy of the claimed death-toll in Victoria. There is clearly diabolical chicanery afoot!

A leaked internal memo from a Chief Eexecutive of a Private Hospital states, clearly, “As you are aware, nine aged care patients were admitted to Glenferrie on 27 July. Sadly, four of these patients have since passed away. We are unable to verify the exact cause of their death, but the State has officially attributed the deaths to COVID-19,”

What has long been feared, and simultaneously cast aside as ‘conspiracy’ seems to be increasingly proven true around the world. ‘COVID’ is recorded as the cause of death amongst many elderly, where there seems to be no medical basis for the determination.

The Chief Executive at the centre of the revelation, Julia Morgan, is mysteriously ‘no longer with the company’ after having only stepped into the role earlier in the year.

As doctors continue to raise concerns about the handling of the Covid-threat, a chorus of dissent is bubbling to the surface, as increasingly questionable circumstances continue to appear in the public news-cycle. reports Melbourne GPs say the reporting is “not accurate”.

“This is the real problem – the only way of determining the cause of death is with a post-mortem,” Dr Geoff Wells said.

“But the deceased are either cremated or buried straight away, and it’s not possible to say with certainty if they died from COVID-19 or with COVID-19.

“If someone got coronavirus and suddenly became unwell very quickly then it’s likely they died from the virus, but if they had bad underlying health conditions and died with the virus the cause of death remains uncertain.”

Aside from the disturbing levels of government failure, misdirection and unabashed dishonesty, evidence continues to pour in, showing lockdowns simply do not work.

If lockdowns really altered the course of this pandemic, then coronavirus case counts should have clearly dropped whenever and wherever lockdowns took place. The effect should have been obvious, though with a time lag. It takes time for new coronavirus infections to be officially counted, so we would expect the numbers to plummet as soon as the waiting time was over.

How long? New infections should drop on day one and be noticed about ten or eleven days from the beginning of the lockdown. By day six, the number of people with first symptoms of infection should plummet (six days is the average time for symptoms to appear). By day nine or ten, far fewer people would be heading to doctors with worsening symptoms. If COVID-19 tests were performed right away, we would expect the positives to drop clearly on day ten or eleven (assuming quick turnarounds on tests).

The National Review outlines further supporting evidence that lockdowns cannot be proven effective in almost all elements of scientific review. Simple mathematics and data analysis seem to prove this beyond reasonable doubt.

The Australian budget is due to be presented within the next 24 hours, and the resulting carnage caused by government handling of the supposed health-threat will be clear for all to see. A debt burden for generations ahead is an unavoidable truth.


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