UK’s Shambolic 10pm Pub Curfew Results in Giant Street Parties

As expected, the poorly thought-out UK policy of forcing closed all Pubs and night-spots by 10pm, has resulted in chaos as revellers swarmed off-premis liquor outlets to ensure the festivities could continue.

Pub industry chiefs have blasted the government’s ‘shambolic’ 10pm Covid curfew after revellers were seen pouring into city centre streets and crowding into stations at kick-out time on Saturday night – as social distancing appeared to go out the window.

It seems the ‘coronavirus facts’ are getting in the way of the typical coronavirus narrative.

It seems that the public is growing tired of draconian controls which seem to be applied without the faintest of reasoned scientific thinking or consideration of second-order consequences. Discontent is growing rapidly.

Incredible data relative to the ‘second wave’ clearly shows that a marked increase in recorded cases is not being matched by a corresponding number of hospitalisations or deaths. The virus, it seems, is nowhere near as deadly as was advised. The public seem to have grasped this concept and run with it.

UK Infections Rise, Deaths do not correlate
UK Infections Rise, Deaths do not correlate. The same is seen throughout Europe
Epidemiologists have advised the weakening of viruses during their lifecycle is common

The Daily Mail in the UK has published incredible photos of streets being filled by revellers, booted from pubs and onto the streets.

The data seems clear. The current rate of ‘second wave infection’ is being met with a massively reduced number of hospitalisations or deaths, again supporting the claim of many conspiracy theorists that indeed the virus does not pose the critical health emergency proposed by many governments around the world.

As talking heads around the world try desperately to maintain the common covid-narrative and find fault with world champions of freedom and liberty, Sweden, the data keeps flooding in.

For those who are interested in the Swedish outcome, and the commonly referred ‘higher death rate’ as a supposed result of not locking down their citizens, we suggest you take the time to read a fascinating paper outlining the ‘dry tinder’ hypothesis.

An extract is included below for easy reference.


What accounts for Sweden’s high COVID death rate among the Nordics? One factor could be Sweden’s lighter lockdown. But we suggest 15 other possible factors. Most significant are:

(1) the “dry-tinder” situation in Sweden (we suggest that this factor alone accounts for 25 to 50% of Sweden’s COVID death toll);

(2) Stockholm’s larger population;

(3) Sweden’s higher immigrant population;

(4) in Sweden immigrants probably more often work in the elderly care system;

(5) Sweden has a greater proportion of people in elderly care;

(6) Stockholm’s “sport-break” was a week later than the other three capital cities;

(7) Stockholm’s system of elderly care collects especially vulnerable people in nursing homes. Other possible factors are:

(8) the Swedish elderly and health care system may have done less to try to cure elderly COVID patients;

(9) Sweden may have been relatively understocked in protective equipment and sanitizers;

(10) Sweden may have been slower to separate COVID patients in nursing homes;

(11) Sweden may have been slower to implement staff testing and changes in protocols and equipage;

(12) Sweden elderly care workers may have done more cross-facility work;

(13) Sweden might have larger nursing homes;

(14) Stockholmers might travel more to the Alpine regions;

(15) Sweden might be quicker to count a death “a COVID death.” We give evidence for these other 15 possible factors. It is plausible that Sweden’s lighter lockdown accounts for but a small part of Sweden’s higher COVID death rate.

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