Sweden Shows Lockdowns Are Unnecessary. Facts Don’t Lie.

A cause for unalloyed joy, you might think. Here, after all, is proof that a country can contain the coronavirus without depriving children of an education, piling up backlogs of non-coronavirus medical conditions, or leaving a smoking crater where its economy used to be.

Imagine a world where Stockholm had caved to international pressure and fallen into line with everyone else. In such a world, politicians and public health officials could get away with claiming that but for their closures and crackdowns, things would have been unimaginably worse. The disease, they would tell us, would have spread exponentially. Millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, would have died. Read the full article by The Washington Examiner here.

Further, we suggest readers take the time to watch the interview embedded below, with Sweden’s Chief Epidemiologist outlining the country’s specific approach, and their undeniable success.


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In an interview with FRANCE 24, Swedish chief epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tegnell, the man in charge of Sweden’s strategy to fight Covid-19, defends his country’s specific approach.

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