Despite Coronavirus, Developed Economies Seeking Immigrant Workers

People willing to work in elderly care and agriculture for low wages are in high demand in countries such as the U.S., Japan and Italy amid Covid-19 restrictions.

SHIMADA, Japan—Menchie Yunson’s first instinct was to return to the Philippines when she found herself jobless in a foreign country in the middle of a pandemic that was hammering the economy.

Still, the 26-year-old managed to find work in Japan at a home for the elderly, where the manager couldn’t find locals willing to clean toilets and help residents get in the bath for about $8.35 an hour. Read more…..


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Japan’s economy sank deeper into its worst postwar contraction in the second quarter as the coronavirus jolted businesses more than initially thought, underscoring the daunting task the new prime minister faces in averting a steeper recession.

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