Beyond Work From Home: Why ‘Digital Nomads’ Think they’re the Future of Remote Life

With much of the professional world shifting to remote work and widespread acceptance of the concept among previously skeptical corporate management, the traditional idea of work-life balance is being pushed in new directions, including a concept of remote work-life-tourism never before imagined.

Drew Sing, a fully remote growth product manager at a technology start-up, has been living and working from Lisbon, Portugal, since the beginning of March, after a few months in London. He had planned to fly back to the U.S. in May, and had even booked three flights back, each with a 24-cancellation policy, but when he looked at the Covid-19 trends in the U.S. versus Europe, “each day I spent here I said, ‘I think I will stay.’ I think this is a safe place to stay during these unprecedented times.’” Read more…..


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