The Suit, Proclaimed Dead, Is Alive and Well For Top Tailors

The onset of a global pandemic has hastened the most dire predictions for the suit. After all, the power brokers and their power suits can no longer power-lunch. Instead, they’re working from home in Greenwich, Conn., the Hamptons, or wherever they’ve moored their yacht. Even among nonexecutives, the tailored suit’s currency as job interview or ­wedding day requirement has disappeared, seemingly overnight.

Plus, a suit requires expertise to make—and Italy, where more sartorial knowledge exists than anywhere else, was forced to shutter some of its finest clothing factories and ateliers early in the outbreak.

Now that these craftsmen have reopened, the day-to-day measuring, fitting, and consulting work they do is back on as well. So how are they managing this while face-to-face interaction is still curtailed? And when trunk shows, where tailors from London and Italy visit their clients abroad for sales and fittings, have been canceled? Read more…..


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Attributing the 23.9 per cent contraction in GDP in April-June to the coronavirus lockdown, Chief Economic Adviser K V Subramanian on Monday said the country will witness better performance in the subsequent quarters, aided by a ‘V-shaped’ recovery in various sectors.

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