Berliners Revolt while ‘Chairman Dan’ Rules With An Iron Fist

Last Sunday, an intriguing event occurred in one of Europe’s most progressive cities. On the other side of the globe, a few days later, another intriguing event occurred, albeit much more sombre.

Over 1 million people gathered in Berlin to protest restrictions implied by the German Government in an effort to halt the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. It seems Berliners have had enough of what they are quickly and increasingly regarding as theft of their freedoms and rights, under the guise of a public health order, which they concurrently regard as ‘overcooked at best’. The conspiracy theories within this group seem to be well established. One wonders if more than a million people within a single western democratic city all believe in a conspiracy, then maybe it’s not?

Berliners Revolt while 'Chairman Dan' Rules With An Iron Fist

According to officials, up to 20,000 people took part in demonstrations against the government’s coronavirus restrictions at different locations across Berlin on Saturday, amalgamating for a joint rally later in the day. Organisers said up to 1.3 million people took part, a figure that police denied. There was a concerted effort by all attendees to specifically flout the ‘face covering’ and ‘social distancing’ rules, naturally designed to prove their point. The protesters are a mix of ‘far right’ and ‘ordinary people who simply object to the government’s approach to the pandemic,’ according to the BBC’s Damian McGuinness, who added that hardly anyone was wearing a face-covering or social distancing during the demonstration. Germany has had over 210,000 cases of COVID-19 and over 9,000 deaths linked to the disease since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite recording 900 new cases on Friday, Germany remains one of the least affected European countries, and is quickly becoming home to an increasingly vocal group that support the idea that the COVID ‘pandemic’ is a overhyped beat-up at best, and a globalist conspiracy to gain increase control at worst.

Sadly, DW reports that 45 officers were injured during the rally, which has echoes of the ongoing violent clashes throughout (mainly) Democratic cities in the US, albeit for very different reasons. Germans have always typically been regarded as a sensible bunch, and the increasing voracity of push-back against the government is raising all sorts of questions. We reported here, The Silence Minority and their Crazy Theories Covid Ain’t Real on the growing level of skepticism towards the ‘COVID-narrative’ n the US, and the medical professionals who had been espousing very different opinions to that of the mainstream. It seems to be an increasingly common scenario, even as ‘fake news’ is swiftly removed from all social media platforms with lightning speed.

As the Germans rise up against the perceived tyranny, all the way down in the southern Australian state of Victoria, things have turned ugly. ‘Stage 4’ restrictions have been implemented by Premier Daniel Andrews (aka: Chairman Dan. More on that moniker shortly), in response to stubbornly high (although very low in comparative terms) new cases, numbering more than 500 per day. Curfews are in place for all Victorians, all non-essential businesses have been ordered closed, although construction has oddly found itself relatively unscathed. The ruling Labor Party’s very close affiliation with the militant construction union (The CFMEU) has begun to raise collective eye-brows, and while the Premier has incredulously blamed “family gatherings” for the increased infection rate (much of which is admittedly asymptomatic), there is an increasing chorus of concern as to how a potential major contributor to infection, being crowded construction sites, has escaped relatively unscathed. Having said this, there has been an unprecedented level of cooperation between the militant union, employers and industry bodies such as the MBA to coordinate a reasoned and manageable response to the Covid-threat. Recently, the blame-shifting narrative has moved to ‘private security contractors’ responsible for quarantine management, which it seems allegedly involved security guards shagging quarantine guests. 

The Premier can’t seem to take a trick, and the public are generally divided as to the State government’s viability, following a spate of bureaucratic bunglings of the highest order. In Victoria, the Premier has earned the nickname of Chairman Dan or Dictator Dan, and has even had the COVID-19 virus rebranded to the ‘Dan-demic’. Being a left-leaning government, which has been in power generally unchallenged for 2 election cycles, there is always going to be the usual claims of socialist/communist type scents emanating from the halls of power, but in the case of ‘Chairman’, the moniker has a more snugly fitting application. Aside from the economic carnage that has been foisted upon the state of Victoria due mainly to a perceived bungling of quarantine controls, alleged infection cover-ups and questionable handling of donor-related businesses such as the infamous ‘Cedar Meats’ saga, ‘the Chairman’ has extremely close ties with Communist China, and has signed the State into the CCP’s “Belt and Road’ program alone, and without national coordination. The Victorian Premier’s persistent support of the CCP and their stated agendas has begun to grate on many of his subjects, which is increasingly used as another angle of attack by opponents, particularly during this current Covid-saga, although more on that another time.

So, as the Germans begin to revolt against government mandated economic destruction, the people of Victoria have been placed under what is effectively martial law for the next 6 weeks, although oddly, people don’t seem too worried….yet.

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