3 Moneymaker Stocks to Buy If the Market Crashes

        <h2>3 Moneymaker Stocks to Buy If the Market Crashes</h2>       
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    <p>Longtime investors have seen some crazy things transpire over the years, but nothing could have prepared them for the volatility caused by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. With the first-half of 2020 now in the books, we've witnessed the benchmark S&amp;P 500 lose more than a third of its value, as well as deliver its best single quarter performance since 1998 in the second quarter.

The fact of the matter is, no one really knows what to expect in the near-term. While it’s possible that we could see a continued rally in all of the major indexes, there are more than enough reasons for a second stock market crash to ensue.

However, stock market crashes don’t have to be an event to fear. They are, in fact, historically a great opportunity for long-term-minded investors to pick up great companies on the cheap. Perhaps the hardest question to answer is, what stocks to buy when a stock market crash does occur?

To that end, I’d suggest that investors not overlook value stocks and consider companies that can be absolute moneymakers in any economic environment. Read more…………..

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